What is a dedicated server? Let’s find out the basics behind it

When you are just starting with a brand-new website, it usually does not require substantial processing powers and does not store a lot of information. On top of that, a new website does not have that many users browsing it during the first periods after the launch, so your loading times are not affected. That is why the majority of newbies start with a sharing server. This kind of solution holds multiple websites and clients that can utilize the hosting server simultaneously. However, once your online service gets noticed by more customers and attracts new visitors, it might be necessary to scale up to a provider that can guarantee stability and operating efficiency to accommodate the growing demand and provide an outstanding user experience to your clients. Therefore, website owners switch to a more advanced option – a dedicated server. The following part of the article will discuss what is a dedicated server and how to spot the right time to upgrade to it.

The definition of a dedicated server

          With shared virtual servers, each website is placed on a server that services multiple other websites as well. If your online business is just starting off, sharing a server with others should not make a lot of difference to your website’s performance. However, when you start to add more advanced features and deal with higher numbers of daily traffic, the need appears to have a server that can deliver operating efficiency, no downtime and consistency. A dedicated server becomes the ultimate, reliable option. It provides you with exclusive hosting space for your website or mobile application. It means that you do not share the computing power with other clients.

What are the benefits for my website?

          Switching from a shared provider to a dedicated server in New York could turn into a relatively significant investment for companies, however it offers more operational opportunities that make it worth investing in. Companies normally prefer working with a dedicated hardware to seek the following benefits:

·    Complete control over the server and ability to choose required configurations;

·    A dedicated solution can offer secure storage of company data;

·    The operating powers are the greatest among other substitutes.

Now moving on to discuss these benefits in more detail, let’s start with the first advantage. One of the greatest advantages of being the only tenant on a server is that you are in control of all the settings and configurations. Dedicated servers enable you to set the preferences that your online business requires, therefore, delivering extended efficiency and greatly improving the user experience of your clients. Only you know what your users need, and with a dedicated server you can set out everything just right for them. It gives you complete management over the operation of your online service, which is not possible with a shared solution. Normally, the owners of hosting server would pre-set all settings and each client needs to somehow adapt to these configurations. But with a dedicated provider, you are the one responsible for choosing the right programs and configurations.

          Another fantastic benefit is the guaranteed security of a dedicated provider. The majority of corporations and large-sized businesses prefer installing single tenant hardware to host their online services and digital infrastructure, because it provides isolation of data. This way, companies can securely store their information without risking anything. On top of that, a dedicated server allows you to have any kind of security software, therefore, you can select which programs  you trust.

          Finally, it’s all about operating efficiency. Not one other type of server can provide such high efficiency and processing powers how a dedicated server can. Sharing solutions fail at giving consistent results and reliable operational capability. Imagine hundreds of websites requesting to fulfil thousands of commands at the same time. No wonder the performance of services placed on these hostings gets affected so much! But when you get a server that is hundred percent exclusive to you, you become the owner of its processing powers and can enjoy undisrupted operations and store enormous amounts of data.

 How to understand if your online business needs one

          What are the main symptoms of operational efficiency shortage for your website? First of all, if you are starting to see a lot of traffic. It is even better to forecast rapid increases in traffic and switch to a premium dedicated service to avoid drops in performances once the growth becomes substantial. Secondly, if you store important company’s information, then you probably require higher security standards. Whilst a typical shared server cannot promise safe storage of your digital information, a dedicated server can come in handy and protect your company from leakages and unwanted access to sensitive data. Finally, when you start to feel like your provider does not meet your requirements and your company requires more customization to live up to your users’ expectations, a dedicated server can be fully adapted according to your needs.